We strongly recommend that you enable SSL
for both POP and SMTP, This will ensure that
your ID, password, and em
messages are transmitted securely between
your mail client and the
servers. However, if you choose to not use SSL
for SMTP, your email client will likely
default the SMTP port to 25. If you're unable to
send email, then you will need to use
port 587 when sending via Yahoo!'s SMTP
server. To make this change, please follow the
directions below:

From the "Tools" menu, select "Accounts."
Select your p
op.bizmail Email POP account and
click the "Properties" button
Click on the servers tab
Next to Outgoing mail (SMTP) it should be
changed to ""

Place a check mark next to "My sever requires

Click Apply
Click on the "Advanced" tab
Next to "Outgoing server (SMTP)," change port
25 to 587
Click "Apply,"

 Our backbone provider has made some
changes on their network to try and stop so
much of the spam mail we all love so much. So
to help with the effort we need to make a few
changes to our mail programs for them to work

To get started just open your mail program
and look near the top of the page for a section
named Tools or Options. That should lead you
in the right direction for the simple changes